Acupuncture for wellness

Traditional Chinese medicine isn’t “folk medicine.” It is a highly developed, systematic, and researched form of medicine that has evolved from human trials over thousands of years. Today, these traditional techniques are successfully used around the world. Clinical practice and scientific studies show them to be safe, efficient and free of side effects.

We invite you to our clinic and welcome any questions you might have. If you haven’t previously experienced Chinese medicine, be prepared for a cultural encounter that will not only relieve your medical condition, but will certainly enrich your life.

What is the efficacy or effectiveness of acupuncture treatment?

Thousands of years of clinical practice and recent scientific studies prove that acupuncture is safe, efficient, and free of side effects.

Different diseases, different percentage. For example, 90% of patients with pain get very good results. 70% of emotional disease (like stress, anxiety, depression) get good results.