Nancy and pain in shoulder and knees

I have enclosed a copy of a newspaper article in Monday’s paper. It just reinforces my belief in your magic.

When I first came to you, it was as a last resort of trying to find pain relief for a full-thickness-tear of my rotator cuff. Because of my kidneys, I am unable to take pain medication, therefore, I had tried the usual treatments of Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic treatments. Nothing was working.

Due to numerous other health issues, I definitely did not want surgery. Thanks to you, I now have total movement of my arm and am pain free.

I was also having unbearable pain in my knee. I had an MRI, which showed numerous tears, small fissures, and surface fibrillation, approximately 50-75% loss of cartilage thickness, etc. Knowing what you did for my shoulder, I elected you for treatment as opposed to surgery. This one we are still working on, however, I can tell an improvement after just a few weeks.

I believe God puts people in ones path for a reason and I am so thankful he put you in mine.

Thank you so much! Your talent and knowledge have been a blessing to me. If you wish, you may use my MRI’s for verification of the damage due to injury and this as a testimonial of your wonderful care and cure.

Saturday, April 7th, 2012