Ursula and treatments in a 70 year old

Dr. Shiyang Zhang and Dr. Wang:

I received my first acupuncture treatment in March of 2005. I decided to try Acupuncture after a severe of car accident in which I suffered three hematoma’s and a fractured sternum. This was a serious issue as I am 70 years old and have a history of problems with blood clots. My doctor’s only answer was to dole out antibiotics and various medications. After few acupuncture treatments the swelling and pain in my legs went away completely and the hematomas were gone. I stayed with acupuncture because I had heard I could also lose weight with a specific treatment. I am happy to say that 6 months later I am 26 lbs lighter.

I have also been treated for minor aches, pains and colds. In all cases I recovered more quickly due to herbs and acupuncture. I feel great and am medication free. I recommend Acupuncture to my friends and family and consider it a primary source of health care. Not only are the treatments incredibly effective but Dr. Zhang and Wang are courteous, and genuinely concerned about my well being. They have a personal touch that is rarely seen in the business of modern medical care facilities. Thank you so much for giving me back a state of health and well-being.