Diagnosis and treatment

How will my diagnosis and treatment go?

Chinese medicine is typically more holistic in its approach to wellness than Western medicine. Treatment begins with a thorough review of your medical history. Some questions may seem unrelated to your reason for making the visit but are important to the diagnosis (such as sleep habits, ability to tolerate heat and cold, diet, etc.)

The Chinese pulse examination is a major diagnostic tool in establishing the condition of the “meridians” or pathways of Qi within your body.

Once the cause of your symptoms is determined, very thin needles are inserted into acupoints on the body.

First visit and follow-up plan

Allow at least an hour for the first visit. It may take several visits to make progress, depending upon the seriousness of your condition and the length of time it has been causing your discomfort.

As with any treatment plan, make sure your questions are answered. We want you to be comfortable with both the plan and procedures we recommend for you.