Other treatment options

What else might help me?

Acupressure – finger techniques

Auricular points – pressing therapy: reflexology. Used for treatment of: losing weight, quit smoking.

Cupping – A therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin surface to cause local congestion through the negative pressure created by introducing heat in the form of an ignited material. There are two kinds of jars used commonly clinically: bamboo jar and glass cup. The cupping method has the function of warming and promoting free flow of Qi and blood in the meridians, dispelling cold dampness, diminishing swellings and pains.

Electro-stimulation – In ancient time China, Chinese acupuncturist used the fundamental manipulation techniques, such as lifting and thrusting, twirling or rotating, every 5 to 10 minutes, used hand stimulating acupuncture points, make patient to get Qi. Right now, we use electro-acupuncture instead of hand. It is more convenient for the patient and constantly stimulates the acupuncture points and meridian. Acupuncture therapy does not take effect until the arrival of Qi.



Massage therapy

Moxibustion – Moxibustion treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to points or certain locations of human body. The material used is mainly “moxa-wool” in form of a cone or stick. For centuries, moxibustion and acupuncture have been combined in clinical practice, thus they are usually termed together in Chinese.

Chinese herbs – As part of a holistic approach to health care, special herbs are used to complement and enhance the effects of other treatments.